My new relationship with Caron Yarn

I’ve been reading about Caron Yarn online and in craft magazines for a long time now, and have spent time gazing longingly at the colours and reviews, wishing that this gorgeous range of yarn would magically come into my life.

And then I visited CHSI Stitches last month, a trade show at the NEC in Birmingham, aimed at shops just like mine (and considerably bigger!)  I worked out a plan that ensured I wouldn’t miss any stands and worked my way around the outside first, finding some real gems of cross stitch kits and fabric that I’d like to sell in my shop.

caron cakes no3 royston
Me trying not to pinch some cakes!

I then worked my way into the middle, turned a corner and saw….CARON CAKES!  The colours, the display, the urge to grab them all to take home immediately – the risk of getting arrested for theft seemed worth it. And then (with the help of my sidekick Fi), I calmed myself just a little bit and placed an order.  At the show you had to order 12 of every colour (what a shame that I had to do that!)  So now I’m waiting for them to arrive. I’ve got customers coming in daily to ask when they’ll be here and I’m hoping it’ll the end of the month.

I’m staring at patterns using Caron Cakes in Ravelry, working out what I’m going to make with the first one (shop-keepers prerogative to use whichever yarn I feel like from my shelves).

I’ve never been one to follow trends and act as one of the sheep, blindly buying whatever the so-called experts tell me is fashionable etc.  Caron Cakes are just so beautiful though and soft and the colours are amazing so this time I’m happy to baaaaaaa. I’ll have over 200 of them in No.3 Royston and I just can’t wait.  Let’s just hope the customers come in and fall in love too or I’ll be making a lot of Caron Cake projects myself (which let’s face it, won’t be the end of the world).

And a final message to my lovely friend Lisa who can’t understand the excitement – no, Caron Cakes are not JUST A BALL OF WOOL!


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